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Hi, I’m Sara Greig and Isle of Flora is your go to website for inspiring gluten-free recipes, healthy living and travel. Isle of Flora was born as an outlet to document my experiences while I travelled around the world. When I returned to my home country New Zealand, after living in England and dabbling in small business, I went back to a 9-5 office job, but I realised I wasn’t totally happy with this kind of lifestyle, real creativity was lacking from my life and I needed to inject that aspect back into my work. I’m a big foodie and avid photographer so I decided to combine these two loves to bring you my gluten-free recipes. These adaptable recipes are always developed with you in mind, they can cater to different dietary requirements and can be enjoyed by everyone. Isle of Flora is now an evolving collection of gluten-free recipes, healthy living articles, reviews, photography and inspiring travel stories.

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A bit more information…

Why gluten-free?
My passion for healthy living started when I was diagnosed with a wheat and gluten intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome in 2012 and it sparked me to really think about what I was eating. I was told to cut out on wheat and gluten for 3 months in order to give my body a break. To be honest I was quite mortified – no more pasta! No more bread! What will I eat? But after these 3 months of adjusting to a different way of eating I felt so much better (no more bloating and irritable bowel) that I stuck to it and have been mainly gluten-free since then. I say mainly because I’m not allergic (I won’t have a strong reaction straight away) to these foods, and I don’t totally restrict myself.

What is your food philosophy?
I think it is important to not be obsessed with following certain diets or trends and having a balanced diet is the key. You also want to enjoy the foods you like so if I’m at a restaurant and there’s a pizza or pasta dish I really like the look of then I will have it – I eat what I like while still being aware of my limits and knowing what and how much of certain foods will bring on my digestive issues. Getting to know what your body does and doesn’t like and how it reacts to certain foods, starts with slowing down, getting rid of distractions while you eat (yes – put that phone down!) being mindful about what you are eating and noticing how your body reacts. I believe in not being too strict with yourself because that can result in unhealthy behaviour. Share and enjoy good food.

Isle of flora recipes
What’s up with your recipes?
All recipes are gluten-free and most are dairy free and low in refined sugar. My goal is to create food that can be enjoyed by everyone – even if you aren’t on a gluten-free diet! Recipes are aimed to be flexible and I will offer substitute ingredients when I can so that they are adaptable for everyone. Isle of Flora recipes are aimed to be healthy, but I do believe in treats! So every so often I will come up with a recipe that is just that – a treat to be enjoyed sometimes. Again, it’s about being flexible. One last thing… I’m an expert in gluten-free cooking and health foods, but I’m not a dietitian or health professional so please always seek out your own professional advice before switching diets or cutting out certain foods.

Isle of Flora
Did you mention dabbling in small business?
In 2014, while I was living in the North East of England, I set up a small business called Layered Up Baking. I attended different markets and sold gluten-free baking and gifts. It was a fun way to develop my gluten-free baking and share my ideas with others. This website aims to continue that community of knowledge sharing and I hope I can inspire you with my recipes and show you that a gluten-free diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out!

What’s your background?
I’m a trained journalist and sub-editor from Wellington, New Zealand (the coolest little capital in the world). I’ve worked for Fairfax Media New Zealand / Australia editing articles and producing layout and design for their newspapers and in house magazines. I have also been published in various publications including Sunday Star Times, The Dominion Post, Stuff.co.nz, The National Business Review (nbr.co.nz) and Wellington Live Music. I now work as a content editor for the NZ Government.

Where does “Isle of Flora” come from?
The Isle of Flora name is a reference to NZ being an island full of unique and healing native plants.

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